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Ho’o Mākaukau, Let’s get ready!

Ekomo Mai and Aloha, today and every day is our opportunity to become Mana’O. What is Mana’O? It is the Hawaiian word that literally translates as a thought, idea, belief, opinion or theory it can also mean desire, want, to think. The Mana'o we share with you is the belief that to succeed in achieving anything you desire requires the Mana (Power) in Mana’o (your Belief). ‘Kau Ka Mana’O’ is our perspective that power only exist, when you are in a ‘State of Mind’ to know what you want, and you are fully determined to achieve it.   



A story we heard growing up in Hawaii, one that brings me back to humble beginnings…We were told by our Kupunas and have read the story of one of our Great Chiefs, Kahekilinui'ahumanu known as Kahekili. There is one word that describes this Hawaiian legend, ‘Wiwo'ole’. Wiwo'ole translates as fearless, brave, courageous and bold. When I think of Chief Kahekili and the life he lived, there is no doubt this chief was wiwo'ole. Surely, his large stature made him confident in his physical power and his genealogy assured him of his place in society. But It was his dedication and commitment to his Akua (God) that gave him the spiritual strength and guidance needed to lead his people and his warriors. To give you a visual, he leaped from great heights, he fought fierce battles, he led entourages of warriors and ruled his Kingdom with pride and dignity. This is Mana’O, this is our humble beginnings that we share with you, that we can learn from Chief Kahekili's example of wiwo'ole. There are times in our lives when we must show this kind of courage and boldness. When we are faced with challenges, what are the things that we can draw upon that make us as fearless as the great Chief Kahekili?   

Welcome to Kau Ka Mana'O Fitness. When we center our lives with Ke Akua, we draw upon Him for the spiritual strength that we need to overcome the spiritual battles we are faced with daily. Mana’O is the 'Ohana, the family source you need for that strength in times of weakness and uncertainty. We are your ‘Ohana, the family to support, encourage and motivate. We draw upon each other to help us to become wiwo'ole, fearless, brave and bold as we take this journey together. 


Mana'O on your journey, Mana'O in your Life all through Health and Fitness simply by strengthening the Mind...If you think you can, you will. 

Kau Ka Mana'O FT Service

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Courage to Act...become Wiwo'ole, Fearless!

The OHANA Buddy System

We know how intimidating it is to walk into a gym and immediately feel discouraged. Not anymore, we offer a simple service of being your Gym Partner, Gym Buddy, Wing-man, Ride or Die...to help support you on your journey and build the confidence you need to get started. 

Reset and Recondition Daily

Just like the body the mind needs daily exercise. The easiest part is to have, the hardest part of the journey is to believe you have. That is the first step! Mana'Os objective is to help you reset and recondition your mind daily. We will take on your challenge and see it through! 

Don't Give Up on Yourself!

If there's something you really want, you've got to do what is necessary, and if you've given it you're absolute best and that wasn't enough. Then and only then you must do what is required! So what are you waiting for? call Us. 

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Wiwo'ole, fearless. Ho'omau, perseverance. Ha'aha'a, humility. Persistent

Please feel free to call or email or information about the services we offer to get you started or on your way towards your new fit and healthy lifestyle. Pricing will be discuss accordingly. Application Fee(s) apply. Become Wiwo'ole, Fearless...Remember you've already won this battle!

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